hello friends,

I am a passionate and creative food specialist pursuing new ways to rethink food experience & portray food.  I photograph things.

I am fascinated by multisensory experiences that hone skills of the palate, and incorporate one's love of music.  I'm a life-long musician and violinist. This has shaped my perception of the world and food greatly.  

I have a BSc. in Nutrition and Food Science, and a MSc. in Food Policy.  This allows me to conceptualise food from an artistic, social, cultural, and scientific perspective.

I highlight the locality of what's happening in the community around me.

LIFE - We are Dublin-based!

I am a Canadian loving life in Dublin!  I was working in speciality coffee and working on a Masters in Food Policy at City University London, looking deeper into what we eat and who determines that - all the factors, and I mean there are a lot of things to consider.


Healthful eating & active living are a choice, a lifestyle, not an accident.  A healthy lifestyle not only feels good, but hopefully allows you to enjoy the life you love for longer.


I studied Nutrition and Food Science. After working in areas of nutrition; community, foodservice, clinical and some time at the hospital, I knew I didn't want to prescribe diets or handle patients.

I enjoyed food science so I ended up working in regulatory & food.  My job as a labelling specialist had me reviewing labels down to 'T': the thickness of lines, size of typeface and aesthetics. I verified ingredient lists, checked claims & visit manufacturers.