Kirkos Ensemble presents a concert series of contemporary music and food in complete darkness, Blackout. Blackout is a creative contemporary music & food collaboration that plays on the senses.  

It begins with the belief that collaborative projects in the contemporary world can challenge our minds to engage all the senses in unexpected ways.  In May, we created a multisensory experience by selection of flavour notes, textures, aromas, and bite-size delights to pair with the performance of these works.

Using the music and its characteristics of tone and pitch, I played on the taste, textures, and visuals in each movement.      

We want to synthesise conversation about contemporary classical music and recontextualise food and the senses. Create awareness of how our senses can be heightened through immersive sound and new experiences. 

The first concert included a performance of Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.  

Kevin Powell (Gruel Gorilla) and I created a menu of incredible oddities; And with the generous assistance of Scent Technician/Artist, Ericka Duffy we also used aromas to enhance a cool mossy & fern-filled sense experience in the entrance.  During the performance floral aromas of rose & orange blossom filled the air.


II: Rhubarb gently pickled in blackberry vinegar, cider vinegar and blood orange juice, wrapped in wild garlic leaves with gorse flowers and mushroom sugar syrup

III: Nameko mushrooms marinated in pineapple sage oil and topped with matcha sea salt

V: Carrot poached in vanilla sugar syrup dusted in bean and goose Tanzania chocolate soil

VII: Preserved Orange choux pastry with orange and vanilla creme patisserie