BIG BAND is ALiVE Tonight!

Ok, time for a non-food post. I don't know how much people out there really care about live music, but I LOVE-love and 'live for' live music.

This evening's CPO presentation of Calgary's Prime Time Big Band and Trumpet talents Allen Vizzutti & Jens Lindemann was an awesome, toe-tapping, seat-dancing musical exploration. They filled the Jack Singer hall on a tuesday night and boy, I was blown away. Not to mention they are hilarious and entertaining on stage, just chilling stage presence.

I was taken on a musical journey. Often, in life I seek new experiences that grow your interest and take your breath away. Tonight was an example of both, I have never experienced trumpet playing like this! Lively and upbeat big band jazz as expected, but also romantic, smooth, rich, elegant playing that makes you want to just be taken away! - Please, take me away.

CPO did a great thing tonight. It was a totally different experience from the usual classical concerts. They had the audience sitting in pitch dark, lit the stage with cool-blue coloured lights, and the orchestra was dressed in white jackets. (Duh?! it's time for a good time!)  Such a throw back to big band era that I could see the whole crowd, young and old, bobbing their heads and tapping along to the drive of the swing beat. Trust me, it gives Michael Bublé's version of big band a run for his money- although I enjoyed that too.

Thanks for enriching our city with music and experiences to just feel the emotions & good times of life. I never knew trumpet could be.... like how it was tonight.

If you are looking for a new experience, for the price of a movie you can get rush tickets or join the CPO's youth program CPOSSIBILITIES and get $15 tickets.