Burger & Lobster - just that simple

IMG_6545 Just going to do a quick post today...

Last weekend we were in London enjoying the company of friends and family, visiting cafés, and eating our way through my favourite city.  As one of our local London Foodies was on the lookout for us, she recommended we try the Burger & Lobster Restaurant.

The restaurant now has four locations!  It is bustling with energy, relaxed pub-like atmosphere.  The server explains there are only two main options, as you expected; 1-Burger, 2- Lobster.  Burger can be prepared to your liking, topped with optional cheese and/or bacon.  Lobster was slightly more versatile; steamed whole lobster in-shell, steamed and then grilled in-shell, or lobster roll - taken out of the shell mixed with light japanese mayo, rolled in a soft brioche, and topped with chives.  All options come with fries(chips) and salad.  It seemed like a pretty straight forward menu.

S & I chose the lobster roll, for the obvious- less effort to get to the lobster and of course brioche was a pretty dead giveaway.  Burger is usually prepared to medium-rare. I was weary as I know the risks of eating raw burger... the origin of the meat is corn-fed American and grass-fed Irish beef.  A discussion for another time, but risk is still high for e.coli - anyhow, we requested medium.  (Don't squirm, all my inspection friends).

The burger was juicy and had that roasty grill to it.  I'm not a huge fan as I find the bitterness of the char takes away from the actual burger.  The LOBSTER, now that was fantastic! I wanted it to go on and on!  I hate cracking shells and digging for meat so this was amazing - every bite was creamy, sweet and buttery with the soft and tasty brioche.  Not much else to mention.  Beer and cocktails are offered.  Lobsters can be made LARGE by paying more. :)

Burgers £20

Lobster £20

Don't regret any of this meal, just when I hit the gym and the running's really difficult - then I am reminded.


Service:  casual and relaxed

Likelihood to return: 4/5 lots to try in London, but I would be happy to try some more lobster.

Food/Coffee:  Food 3.5/5

Chillness: 3.5 chill chairs

Highlights: tender buttery brioche & sweet lobster!


UP NEXT: shout outs to Flo, who requested some Hawaii specials!

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