Caffe Rosso – Eat, Sip, Stay

Guess what I found?!

In the middle of Ramsay, bordering the Industrial core of Calgary there’s this oddly placed building with a gravel parking lot.  I can’t believe this has been here for over two years.  Maybe it’s because I have been gone living in Edmonton and Vancouver so long, but I had no idea this little gem was here!

I tried to do some research on the building because of its interesting surroundings.  It was apparently a development project by Torode... the same people that have brought you Hotel arts, Arriva, and more.


Ok, Back to coffee.  I have been here now a couple times and it's great.  I even spotted the mayor over here once.  Upon talking to the barista/cook/manager?  I was told that they rotate a different bean/coffee roaster every couple months, which appeals to me because then you get the chance to explore a variety.  I've been told they used to use only Illy, but that's not what they serve now. 

They offer a range of breakfast foods, homemade soups, loaves, and panini.  I was most surprised by the combi oven. *ka-ching* Makes me wonder what they make!  I think they use a synesso machine... the coffee is good, actually quite good.   They have been consistently tasty, I'll have to go back for a refresher. 

Caffe Rosso is like a mesh between homey and urban.  They have cushy couches contrasting the red walls; but my fave brick wall adds a wicked feel, I like! When rushes hit, seems it can be pretty whirwind-ish.  The constant chatter and business is nice to read in or chat for a little while.  Weekends are pretty busy and the atmosphere really quite different.  Overall, good coffee!

Service: comes in rushes = when it's crazy, make sure you pick up after yourself.

Likelihood to return: definitely

Food/Coffee: tbd. consistent.

Chillness: 4 chill chairs/ 5

Oh, and just in that same area they have public art too!  ... something about Dennis Oppenheim's 'Device to Root out Evil'.  Sounds like this piece was too controversial for Stanford, too much of an eye-sore for Vancouver, and just perfect in its home in Calgary.  This is one cool place!