Lunching at Calgary's Shiki Menya!

Photo 8-18-2014, 8 44 47 PMA few days back in Calgary and it’s time to take advantage of what it has to offer. - milk it for what it’s worth!We take for granted the amount of ethnic food there is in the Calgary's 'landscape of food'.  When I say ethnic I don’t have a particular ‘authenticity’ or food-type in mind, just that it hosts a lot of different cultures and I know it holds pretty true to a lot of them.   The thing about food is that it is evolving; our traditions and perceptions evolve so the korean/italian/japanese etc.. food of the last generation will naturally and hopefully, be a little different from the last.

Food like all things follows trends, and obviously I don’t need to tell you that.  But the cool part about ethnic food is that it has certain flavours and typical ideologies that it maintains, but in time ingredients change and so do techniques.

-Enough rambling.

The beauty of Calgary is that we can have contemporary Japanese & Korean food all in one day! You’re thinking, what’s the big deal.  Well, it’s a big deal when you are deprived of it and suddenly it is so accessible.  I appreciate it now!

So I lunched with the absolutely bonkers amazing, DQ & Cheungitos at Shiki Menya where we sampled selections from the 'Classic' & 'New School' ramens.  I like that the menu is casual & current, they make it fun and source from local business!

Just look, you can get Phil & Sebastian cold brew, and the most exciting to me, is the cold Ocha!  Come now, speciality tea is the new speciality coffee.  The tea menu includes a Genmai Cha with matcha powder - which means it's a super green looking cup of tea with the traditional roasted brown rice kernels.  OR choose from the Premium Houjicha. Houjicha is my new love.

We had the Tonkotso Classic (soft tomago, menma, charsiu, noodles) & Tonkotsu Black (the previous option with corn, black garlic oil, and squid ink garlic thrown into the mix).

One thing to note is there are only 150 bowls of noodle each day, so make sure they get enjoyed, go eat early! It creates this sense of urgency or hype that there are limited bowls but it's how they do in a lot of places in Asia too.  My one and only complaint is you have to pay an extra $1 for any additional toppings, that includes green onion!  But sure, someone had to cut it up - and as S says "got to Pay to Play" boys and girls!

Overall, worthy bowl of tasty noodles.  I enjoyed the cafe/bistro atmosphere.  go Calgary!

Next Up:  Dinner at  the NEW ANJU restaurant!

PHOTO CREDITS: DQ, thanks for providing the fab images you are my soulmates on so many levels. so much <3 & respect.

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