Forest Avenue - Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4


[SHORT, Quick Lovin' ]

Service: simply real & relatable 

Likelihood to return: we're neighbours, I'll be back next week

Food/Coffee: Food 4.8/5, Coffee 4/5.

Chillness: 4.9 chill chairs!  This would be my place to hang out!  

Highlights:  Brisket, cannelloni of celeriac & ox tongue, onion, grilled leek & horseradish


A year ago I arrived in Dublin and I was pleasantly surprised with the food scene.  I have definitely observed quite an entrepreneurial spirit here, I thought my hometown Calgary was filled with start-ups and the like but as one Dubliner recently said, well if you don’t 'make it' yourself, nobody else is going to just give it to you.

I’m fortunate to have a husband that knows how much I love, love, LOVE food- he is probably the source of all my up and coming food knowledge.

Forest Avenue is a restaurant set up by husband and wife team Sandy & John.  I didn’t have the opportunity to attend any of their previous pop-ups, 'The Supper Club', but this is the real thing so we make it count!  We walked in just on Sussex Terrace, a block off the canal and we were completely caught off guard. Unsuspecting place. The space is minimal and white, but decorated tastefully, loft-like high ceiling in the entrance; then to the left there’s an espresso & brewed coffee set-up. I’m feeling quite at home now.

The photos will speak for themselves.  I’m really trying to write more succinctly or not at all.

forest ave api

[insert snacks here] ;)

Can i just say that the bread is out of this world? I don't want to get your hopes up but ask for the potato bread, or the toasted walnut bread....

FA midi

[i]House made ricotta, squash, chicory & truffled hazelnuts

[ii] Brisket, cannelloni of celeriac & ox tongue, onion, grilled leek & horseradish

[iii]Cod Broccoli, spiced miso butter almonds & mussels


FA dessert

[i]Venison,parsnip cooked in miso, beetroot, cavalo nero & pear FANTASTIC - I currently have a serious obsession with cavalo nero. Can NOT get enough of it.

[ii]Spiced bread crumbled, pear, chocolate cremeux, salt walnut ice cream

[iii] Petit fours - tasty as hell-beignets & marshmallows






The open kitchen made for an intimate meal where we were able to observe the chefs at work without even getting in their way.  This kitchen is well on their way to wow-ing Dublin; their composure, and friendly, authentic staff were beyond 'grand' and made us feel so at home.



Now, I know that people were hesitant about our opinions.  I think probably five people asked how our coffee was that night.  Honestly, it was great.  The detail, tasting notes, and information on the farm that Cloud Picker Coffee Roasters provided is just testament to the growth of coffee culture in Dublin.  They say there is a Resident menu for Weds & Thursdays, an abridged taster of our meal - but I am so excited that our neighbourhood has this new resident to feed our gullets

Now that we've satisfied your dinner needs, look forward to brunch at Forest Ave.

8 Sussex Terrace, Dublin 4 Tel: 016678337 Website: http://forestavenuerestaurant

Irish Barista Championships #IBC #loveCOFFEE

IMG_6217-Edit Hello there, friends & readers.  Haven't said much lately, but this week I visited the CATEX food catering expo here in Dublin.  Aside from being one of the largest food and catering exhibitions; showcasing catering equipment, food paraphernalia, suppliers and other food safety geekery; the best part about it was that one the events hosted within the expansive food show was the Irish Barista Championships (#IBC).

My experience in Dublin has been shaped mostly around coffee and food- Just the way I like it.  Within three weeks of my arrival, I was lucky enough to be offered a job at 3FE.   I have been learning and experiencing the specialty coffee industry… and hopefully somehow adding to it.  It has been an invaluable experience getting to know new friends and foraging for adventures.  It's really weird, some days I have to pinch myself to be reminded that this reality is true, and that I have the privilege to work in the 'thick of it' - experience coffee legacies in the making!  I know, I love to be dramatic.  But honestly, I do feel like I have a great opportunity to see the day to day goings-on of one of the (in my humble opinion) leading coffee shops in Europe.

Just a quick blog, and celebration of victories - Congratulations to Colin, Bruno, Vinicius and all the competitors. Enjoy.


Charcut not-so-secret, Secret Burgers

I realize that these 'underground' burgers are created for the hype, but I can't help it.... I have been sucked in.

I bought into it, the excitement, the craziness, and oh, don't forget the pain of waiting in the -15 degree weather.  If you haven't heard about it already, I'm talking about the infamous alley burgers.  If you care enough, which, I do... you will followCharcut restaurant on twitter or 'like' them on facebook.  On some Fridays or Saturdays, not all, they release a notice earlier on in the day saying that they will be serving burgers that evening.  So you follow the growl in your tummy and your curiosity to the crowd gathering at the back door in the evening.

This saturday, the burgers were being served at 10pm, so we arrived at 9:30.  A little embarrassed, we approached the alley from the driveway of le Germain thinking we were too keen. Guess what, these keeners were all KEENER than me.  It's ok, I'm enthusiastic and just excited to be part of it.

So around 10 to 10, the line is building up behind us.  The manager comes out and counts the number of people in line to see if there's enough burgers for everyone.  He gets to us, "19, 20, 21..." just as he passes us, "and 25" he says that's all they have. Breathed a sigh of relief.  He comes down the line collecting the $5 cash for each burger and heads back inside.

We get our burgers

Highlights: it is likely the juiciest burger alive.  The bread is fresh and toasty.  It is simple, but delicious - garnished with cheese, I think but nothing else.  It has a light gameyness to it, like breakfast sausage.  The bun is moistened with a garlic aioli or garlic butter.  The only downside is that we aren't sure where to enjoy the delightful burger in comfort.  Oh well, I'm gleaming with joy.

Service: We're outside!?

Likelihood to return: Have to try it, at least once. Worth the wait, but not all the time.

Food/Coffee: burger was delish!

Chillness: as chill as the friends you bring and the weather permits...

I wasn't sure what the burger could be... I don't know why I thought it could have been beef so I went back to the source that brought me here to begin with... Thanks Chracut.

  CHARCUT Roast House on Urbanspoon

Things learned in china


Haven't posted in what seems like forever. Mostly laziness and some of it has to do with the fact that I've been away in Asia. There's so much to eat here, but you really can't be picky and selective with what to try. Be adventurous.

Tid bits because china blocked my facebook access:




1. They don't give napkins unless you're paying well... And when they do, they are in wet packets

2. When given menus they only ever give one, no matter how large the group. Share or decide quickly.

3. Gratuities for service are not required ... It shows usually.

4. If you live on facebook, you may soon die. I havent figured out the way online yet as I apost this.

5. They still smoke in bars. Old men especially.

6. Pay and your private tour guide will be awesome and knowledgeable they often come with a chauffeur lol

7. Life at the Peace hotel is posh. I want to live here ... Forever. Lol

8. Shanghai has diverse architecture and everyone here talks about how modern a city it is. There is every kind of cuisine and it boasts a selection of Michelin rated restaurants!

9. I need to be more positive.

10. I'm proud to be Canadian and home will be a relief from the busyness.

In other news... I kicked a car today, he turned into my pedestrian walk when I was walking on a green light walking man! Moment of major shame, but then rage that he almost maybe didn't run me over. I haven't been waiting to do that. *sarcasm*

Random post: short vids

This little kid is the most hilarious entertainment. I think I would die laughing, which is key to enjoying and loving life. I love Laughing so hard you're crying and can't breathe. Sadly, I feel like the older we get, the less this happens. If you have a remedy to this please share it, I'd love to hear it. [youtube=] [youtube=]

Can you believe the chord changes this little guy does? So much fun!


So I've come to realize all the living and loving happens at the cost of time. I started this blog, and have been way too busy and involved with all these activities to post.

But but, there are so many places visited, photos taken, and coffees drank in the last couple weeks to write about.

Last weekend, some buddies of mine were visiting from Vancouver and decided to go mountain biking out in Canmore. I don't remember the last time I rode a trail on a bike, but let's just say, I feel more comfortable doing that ride on a snowboard!  I was as excited about going out as I usually am for snowboard trips, which is VERY excited!  These are the only pics processed so far.