Char Pop Here we come!

Last night was amazing. I have few words to describe the atmosphere of the last night at CharPop. The small store-front and commercial kitchen of Sidewalk Citizen Bakery was transformed into a restaurant, seating 60, with a bustling kitchen open to the crowd. The shouted orders, "service", and ... the odd Sweet bread on the fly, made it pretty intimate. When dinner service was nearly finished, the dinner crowd of the last night of Char pop rose to a standing ovation. We had almost everything on the menu, and the sweetbread that was accidentally dropped at our table, turned out to be the perfect mistake! - More FOOD! I'm not even embarrassed to say that gluttony was the least of our concerns. (I'll work out tomorrow, and I pre-worked out for this!) I had a Pinot Noir but the Shiraz was so popular they sold out.

The concept of a limited availability, time sensitive, highly creative collaboration between industry innovators like Charcut's Connie DeSousa, John Jackson, Grant Van Gameren, and Aviv Fried owner and mastercraft of Sidewalk Citizen's was a smashing success. In conversation, it was mentioned that thousands of emails were received within 2 minutes of reservations being made available. Although there is much talk about the heightened demand created here, I think the hype is real and the marketing seems to be working just fine. I was a bit skeptical of the excitement, I mean, it's good food but would it be as good as the hype? Let's just say they didn't disappoint, the flavours were spectacular. (See Menu below)