Silly Rabbit, Chocolate Milk's for Adults too- food [MARKETING] shifts

[brightcove vid=1496065787001&exp3=102195605001&surl=,AAAABvaL8JE~,ufBHq_I6Fnyou4pHiM9gbgVQA16tDSWm&w=486&h=412] Are post-workouts meals a challenge for you? In the past, I've learned that you should consume some combination of carbohydrates and source of protein 20-30 min post exercise.

What better way to target someone other than the school children for market-share of chocolate milk? Sensationalize the perceived athletic performance that will be gained by consuming this beverage. This is no different than all the electrolyte sport drinks out there, now it's just got a bit more protein - about 9 g per 250 ml glass to be exact. It's important for your body to be fed after recent exercise. After all, you have an increased metabolic rate and you can absorb the appropriate amino acids and carbs for the recovery of your muscles.

Is chocolate milk better than drinking a pricey protein shake with highly processed whey powder "catered to your amino acid needs". Looking back at my notes, milk has a combination of casein and whey protein that are easily accessible by your body. Along the spectrum of post workout things to consume, less processed can still be better right? Why pay an arm and a leg for powder? Ok, I digress. Just a good commercial- another example of marketing at its best.


p.s. that is Ironman athlete, Mirinda Carfrae speaking about her PAIN in exercise-- Respect.