Christmas Brunches & Goodbyes

Last Sunday, we said 'see ya soon' to our friends Katie & Rio.  It's been a complete blast in Dublin, and there is no other way to send someone off than with a good and memorable meal.  It's surprising how time's flown by! It's funny how we go through life travelling places, living in new cities, and really, finding ourselves a new community.  On a more introspective note, the way people's paths cross is really a pretty awesome thing.  It challenges who we are, who we want to become, and sometimes what we believe.  Each city has a different vibe and I suppose the more places you live, the more you realise that it's just a place and the people you meet will make or break the experience.  (that, and your fantastic attitude) That said, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Dublin.




  Well, life is more than we can plan for, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Now onto the Christmas brunch at Forest Avenue. (yes, excessive love on here and here i'm sorry)- but can you believe it been only a year!?

There is really nothing more festive than having mulled wine & a bit of mince pie.  So if you were one of the lucky ones to book in for a Christmas brunch, you are luckier than you know.

Mince pie - you never imagined a mince pie so delightful.  It's a touch of Christmas with a lot of sparkle in your mouth.

DSC01123Yoghurt, House made granola, apple, blackberry & spiced bread Fried egg sandwich, cod goujon (not pictured), avocado & romesco sauce


And for those who subscribe to veggie diets, there is love for all of you.  Melty gnocchi, is an always-fave.