Community Cafe @ Community Natural Foods - Quick eats!

Wednesdays are very long days for me. Most days, I generally try to take the time to prepare home-cooked meals, enjoy a sit down dinner, or mooch food off my parents. When it gets to around 7:30 or so though, my stomach is growling and there's no chance you'll find me waiting for dinner to cook if it isn't already started. I'm sure you have shared this sentiment... the feeling that your stomach is going to digest itself and you are very cranky and tired, maybe even hypoglycaemic and near hallucinogenic. Not a good feeling, right? So, I was driving home, trying to make a healthy decision that would still be quick. I remembered back two weeks ago, my mom brought me to the newly renovated Community Natural Foods cafeteria. I pulled in, craving a bowl of hearty stew or even better, the savoury warm spice of curry!

So these were my decisions. Chicpea Curry

Yes, if you're wondering, I took the curry home to have on my own basmati rice in the fridge.  Another Asian reference- there is almost no chance you will find me paying $2.39/100 g for someone else to cook me rice.

The curry was interesting; the spice smelled like Indian curry, but upon tasting it there was a pasty feeling coating my mouth.  I think it was the turmeric, that's what my Indian coworker tells me.   My opinion is the curry was slightly under-flavoured.  But still a good healthy choice, lentils and veg - good source of soluble and insoluble fibres, vitaminB6 and a nice break from my meat gluttony.

Apple and Fennel Slaw

I don't have much of a description, as the ingredients are listed on the label above.  I would mention that this and wheatberry salad is my favourite selections at Community.  The taste of fennel in salad is spicy, I love it like I love fresh herbs in salad.  This salad is sweet and tangy, the crunch of it definitely makes it enjoyable. One consideration for this salad is the type of oil used.  The olive oil is a better alternative than mayo used in the curried chickpea salad.

Service: Mostly self-serve, bus your own table, option to sample salads,

Likelihood to return: I wouldn't run back, but if the hankering for "health-food-store-odour" comes calling... I won't deny myself

Food/Coffee: food was touted as healthy and appears to have a range of healthier vs. less healthy options.  Can't speak for the coffee.

Chillness: 3 chill chairs

The Cafe area includes some seating if you want to eat in.  They offer a range of pizzas, lasagne, and even a juice shake/coffee bar.  Just snapped some quick photos.