Damson Diner - multi-Asian American Combo

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A new player in town, Damson Diner, has been a place we've wanted to visit for the last couple weeks.  This week I've had a couple visits to South William street that you may have seen on instagram (@lovemesaysfood), and so it was an obvious option when discussing dinner options tonight.

It is an eclectic collection of hip ambiance, colourful lights, and mod beatnic feel.  According to a recent Herald article, it is the new workings of the owners of Coppinger Row and  the brain behind the bar at the Sugar Club.  I am still somewhat bemused by the take on Asian food here in Ireland, so why not take a chance on the Asian twist on 'diner'.

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The menu is varied with creative infusions and bitters.  A mod twist on the classics like Manhattan - which reappears as the 'Man Hat'. 

We tried the Pineapple Brulée and Man Hat.  Both were intriguing, fresh, and new.  Delicious and flavourful.  Cocktails are definitely a win at this establishment.

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The menu is a collection of Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and American favourites.  It was a difficult choice to decide what to pull the trigger on, all so risky ;)

Fennel Bhaji

I currently have an obsession with fennel bulb, if I see it on a menu I'll order it.  In this instance, I made a bit of a mistake - ordering the deep fried version.  If you are familiar with 'Pakoras' these are almost exactly the same.  Indian flavours; the bhaji had  ginger, green onion, red pepper and asian slaw.  Asian lime juice fish sauce dressing, slight heat and earthy cumin. Served with apple sauce. Not for all palates.

Ssam pork.

Vietnamese influenced lettuce wraps. Fish sauce char-grilled pork. Pickled chili sauce with carrots and cucumber.  (available in duck)


Bacon wrapped beef burger was very rare. Stuffed with cheddar.

High salt fries and  juicy burger. Rare, did I mention very pink!  Being a food safety geek by trade, I would have to say this was slightly concerning.

Asian Ribs

Slow grilled ribs, fall-off-the bone and flavoured to syrupy sweetness with apricot ginger glaze.  Very tender,  overwhelmingly sweet.

This was a good interpretation of diner ambiance.  It was relaxed & a great place for drinks.  I feel the attempt to go asian was diverged, there were many cultural pursuits- I was most impressed by the cocktails.

Service: hospitable 3.5/5

Likelihood to return: 3/5

Food: 2.5/5  

Chillness: 3.5 chill chairs

Highlights: Pineapple Brulée