Dearest Dublin: Week 2 (home-cooked)

This week has been significantly less productive than the last, but some milestone things happened so I am celebrating that.  Did this week just fly by for anybody else? Now wrapping up Week 2 in Dublin, I now have a PPS# (SIN#) and all the administrative things sorted.  I went to my first and only interview so far and have another one scheduled... so that is fantastic.  Not to mention it is right up my alley!

I have explored a bit of the city, mostly the shopping districts surrounding my area and just north of the river.  I found a few new coffee places and food markets.  Yesterday we found a few vendors set up in a lane near Grafton St. and picked some olives and fresh Irish mozzarella - Fantastic!   I think I am discovering that a major part of settling into a new city is finding all your food suppliers and standard go-to's.

Itching to bake this weekend, we'll see what we can conjure up.  The only photojournaling we have this week is my 'goodwife' meals- basically me trying all the ideas I have in my book so we have food to eat. I honestly wonder when I'll run out of creativity- that's going to be a good day.


This week was not free of  kitchen fails.  Some of which include spilling hot water/coffee grounds out the bottom of an aeropress; turning the oven on too high and baking the naan into bread instead of proofing it... weird stirfries gone awry. It's all good, we are in good spirits :)


Not hearing ANY suggestions from the Dubliners as to where to go for  more Food and Coffee adventures!!! Not going to lie, that's kind of disappointing.  Send them my way. Also drop me a line and tell me how you're all doing!

STAY TUNED for: HOMETOWN HEROES & Cucina Bistro #yyc!