Deli Bros. - Frankfurt Airport, Germany

For those of you who didn't know, I embarked on my new adventure on Thursday.  From #YYC to #DUB (that's DUBlin, Ireland).  Although it was a very emotional goodbye to my amazing friends and family, I was trying hard to stay focused on where I was going- To begin a new adventure with S, my husband.

Of course, count on me to find the most hipster eatery in the airport.  I scoured the land... of the four-hour layover at the Frankfurt airport.  This airport fine food deli/grocer, is very stylized and resembles an american deli.  The servers are dressed in jeans and 3/4 length plaid shirts with a round patch on the arm DELI BROS.  The deli makes its own Hot Chili Marinade, bottles pre-made dry ingredients of cookies, and made-to-order Breakfast all-day.  One side is retail the other is for restaurant service.  With several biers on tap, the server asked me if I was serious when I asked for a glass of tap water.  He said he doesn't recommend it, nor does he drink it himself.

For breakfast, they offer themed Euro breakfasts.  For example, the Swiss breakfast includes muesli, fruit, and yogurt.  The French, a croissant, and of course I was out for a 'cultural' experience, of which I can't tell if its authentic or not.  I chose the the German one that comes with two boiled breakfast sausages (Brühwurst) and a pretzel (Bretzel) with sweet mustard.  House made, might I add.   The boiled wurst was spiced nicely, but I'm not sure I fancy the texture of boiled sausage. The meat is so finely ground and homogenous that it has an almost processed texture.  It is crisp and bouncy if that can even describe it.  I think this calls for a return to Germany.
The store is filled with quaint food/eating/design books - Create, and Delicate.  They also sell in-house cured sausage.
Where: Terminal 1
Chill Chairs: 3.5/5 for creating ambiance in a busy airport terminal!

Service: helpful, friendly

Likelihood to return: hm, maybe next time I'm at Frankfurt Terminal 1

Food/Coffee: Black coffee was an americano, food decent - I especially liked the rustic feel, homemade appeal

Chillness: 3.5/5 for creating ambiance in a busy airport terminal!