Dim Sum Dim Sum! - Good World Restaurant, Dublin 2

[SHORT, Quick Lovin' ]

Service: straightforward & efficient, just how we like it - no BS, smiles: maybe.

Likelihood to return: we're semi regulars

Food/Coffee: Food 3.9/5, Coffee ?/5.

Chillness: 3.8 chill chairs  Casual & laid back

Highlights:   all of our favourite dim sum cravings


Last weekend was the start of the lunar new year and we celebrated with an abundance of food!  When in Dublin we go for Dim Sum at Good World because let's face it,  they just get us. Now most fashion bloggers will do a 'what's in my bag' post, instead, here we have a what's on my table with dim sum.  For my asian friends, you may already know the dishes, but the table next to us asked if we would explain each of our dishes to them.  That's when I thought this might be valuable guide for those dim sum virgins out there.

[1] New Year Cake - glutinous rice four & sugar is steamed to set, then pan fried to a crispy outer.  The inside is sweet and chew. (limited time)

[2] Turnip cake - grated white turnip steamed to set & pan fried. This is a savoury dish.

[3] Curried Whelks & Peanut

[4] Spicy Steamed Tripe - I know it sounds scary, but if you're ok with texture, it is a bit chewy but very flavourful

[5] Sweet Sesame Croquette - it's glutinous and chewy with a toasted sesame crust.  Inside there's a yellow custard-like filling!


A few of these are repeats, but specifically I wanted to mention the following

[6] Pork spareribs & chicken feet on steamed rice - delicious with the dark soy sauce

[7] Curry fish balls, daikon & pork skin/rind - this is a full flavoured dish, quite typical to Hong Kong street food. Daikon is a white radish turnip


For all who are cringing at the though of some of these dishes, I don't really blame you.  Dim sum, is full of variety so there is something for everyone! I'd explain it as if it were Chinese tapas (small dishes).  We usually eat during brunch time but at Good World you an order it anytime of the day.

Good World Restaurant 

18 S Great Georges St, Dublin,

Phone:(01) 677 5373