Dublin Rock n' Roll Half Marathon

Hi Guys, As you know, I LOVE eating, it is my favourite past time (after drinking, i kid) but all that comes with a responsibility. I know, I am just being a debbie-downer, but when you eat so much, you have a responsibility to push your body with the fuel you're fuelling it with. monirun2

So, yesterday one of my friends and coworkers completed her first half marathon and I am so proud. When I take part as a bystander in these events, I get very very emotional. It's super embarrassing, and difficult to describe because I love to see the journey, challenge, and toil that these runners have endured; and it culminates with the achievement of the race, compounded by the family and friends who are out to support - it gets seriously emotional! I just can't contain myself, I have to fight so hard to cheer without tearing up. Here you are, miss Monika & Bruno - our forever slovak barista champ and newly crowned latte throw down king!

SO PROUD! Set goals, train hard, push harder! Getting healthy :) Mon Run