Dublin's Cronut Craze... featured at themarkerhoteldublin

photo 2 Since gourmet donuts, fancy cupcakes, seasonal pies, homemade pop-tarts and all other food obsessions have come to pass... someone had to reinvent the donut into a croissant (loosely). This fancy croissant X donut has hit the black market in New York going for a whopping $40 each sold by scalpers. It started a few short months ago, at Dominique Ansel bakery and has now landed in the marker hotel, Dublin.

I had to check it out this morning...

photo 1

Down low: - €10 / box (4 cronuts of mixed flavour) - head to the bar at the Marker Hotel (GRAND CANAL SQUARE) - limited quantities each morning

photo 3

photo 4

I'm not sure our market will perform the same as it has in New York, but it's definitely stirring some conversation in this city. Par for the course, Marker hotel... you are chic, en trende, and I'm buying the hype.

Why not, buy one and sell it on gumtree, donedeal, or a bribe-able coworker?... heck, they'll be available here if you so desire.