Explore, Inspire, Reflect

I have been back now for a week and a half, a little more eye-opened, excited, and recovered. Today I picked up my first roll of film. I haven't shot film since high school, but my friend G at 2litresofsoysauce lent me his camera over an autumn photo walk. In the age of instagram, the question one poses is why bother revisiting film. Today I can say the experience has been a different journey; much more thought provoking composition, shooting, developing, waiting... waiting.... WAITING. The patience sweetens the surprise finished product. It is more satisfying than instant gratification, a digital review of the last crappy picture that I took. Now, I get to wait 6 months to be reminded of what I was thinking.



In review of these photos, I caught some interesting double exposures. - whether the scans are messed up or not, I can't speak to that, but seeing how beautiful autumn is just made me reflect a bit.

Today was a thought-provoking day, my mind is full of many thoughts. I am learning and preparing for this marriage thing, trying to grow but it's challenging. It's difficult to relent in situations of passionate difference. I was humbled by the reminder that however you feel in the situation, it demands respect, love, and support for the other person. - humans are broken, sometimes we need more than just ourselves to live up to that expectation. In closing this song we're playing this week has a beautiful melody and speaks volumes.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiXZYiyB1L4&w=640&h=360]