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Buried deep in Southeast Calgary, you wouldn't think this is the place to get great Chinese food. I'll admit that at first glance, the menu seems like a fusion-styled blend of several Asian cuisines. I had the luxury of not ordering as my punctuality failed me again! But honestly, I can't say I mind... the best is when you don't have to order! This is not your typical Chinese restaurant though. Its modern interior is refreshing. When my friend J mentioned that it's a family-owned restaurant with hand-pulled noodles, I was pretty stoked to check it out! I didn't even know we had something like that in Calgary. Vancouver yes, but Calgary? Heads up: you do have to order the noodles in advance so they can prepare it. Here is what our Szechuan meal consisted of tonight.

Hot and Sour Seafood Soup

The fusion between hot and sour with seafood egg drop soup is delightful; Often one of our favourites, actually. The soup had pieces of scallop and shrimp, bit of chili oil and cilantro to top it off!

Zha Jang Mien- "JJ Mien"

This popular Northern Chinese dish, direcly translated"fried sauce" noodles, is similar to the Korean version "Jajangmyeon". The savoury & spicy meat sauce sat on a bed of hand-pulled noodles topped with sliced cool cucumbers to balance the dish. Yup, appropriately saucy. Hand made noodles are a definite treat.

Malaysian Fried Rice

We returned for some lunch and went looking for something new and exciting to try. This dish is a new take on the traditional fried rice- Delicate egg-wrapped fried rice full of shrimp, scallop, and tobiko/masago(fish roe). This flavourful dish, was visually appealing with the bright pops of colour. Definitely comparable to some of the best in Vancouver.

Kirin's Special Malaysian Laksa

This is a truly authentic experience. The spicy malaysian soup with a peanut base, coconut milk, and chilis. Apparently, a signature dish!

Both meals were wrapped up nicely with fruit and a dessert, just as asian meals are supposed to end. Cool off the tastebuds. On one occasion we had an in-house made black sesame ice cream, the other time we tried the chinese herbal "Osmanthus Jelly" that is flavoured with floral notes similar to jasmine. I am pleasantly surprised that this restaurant is family owned and yet, offers so many selections.

Highlights: fairly priced, awesome fried rice, jj mien was my favourite

Service: warm and friendly

Likelihood to return: will be taking my family to enjoy a feast, let you know how it goes - family approved!

Food/Coffee: love spice, hunny! food was authentic and soul warming! At -30, you need the heat. No coffee, but the iced jasmine tea was refreshing balance to the spicy food.

chillness: 3.85 chill chairs

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