Glass Bottled Milk, I think I'm in Love

I absolutely, cannot deny myself the guilty pleasure of milk in a Glass bottle.  It makes me giddy in anticipation when I take a bottle of milk home - thinking how good it's going to taste.

To my knowledge, there are two producers available in Calgary; both originating in BC. They are D Dutchmen, SICAMOUS BC and Avalon Dairies, VANCOUVER BC. This is my second bottle in two weeks, but I've found my new delight in "old fashion standard".  This means that the milk has not been Homogenized.

Oh the joys of shaking up your milk and the taste of creamy full fat goodness.  Milk is a liquid emulsion of tiny micro molecules of fat suspended in liquid.  As a mixed homogenous liquid (appearing to be one) it is unstable.  Naturally, it will separate as fat is hydrophobic and like, oil and vinegar, will always separate.   However, the process of homogenization passes the milk through a high force that separates the milk into micro sized molecules that will no longer separate.  99% of milk sold seems to be homogenized, there are different schools of thought about health effects and inflammation, but I will leave that for another day.  All you need to know, is that this week, the milk formed a fat puck on the top of the jug that I could not shake out.  Frustrated, I thought could the whole bottle be solidified?  I poked it with a chopstick (being the asian I am) and used so much force that it spilled milk everywhere!   Not to worry, no tears were shed.   I was just really embarrassed.