Grow HQ- A project that's creating waves

Today I want to share a video and tell you about the really exciting project in Ireland called GrowHQ.

They are having a golden ticket raffle, for a prized spot at the Ballymaloe 12-week cookery course. I almost don't want to tell you about this because that will dilute my chances of winning the prize, but out of selflessnes.... ok I'll tell you.

Why is this exciting you ask?

GrowHQ takes into account a lot of the problems with our food system, like long, sometimes misleading food supply chains; lack of understanding of our food and where it comes from; and limited access to good, fresh, healthy food; and addresses them in a creative and innovative way.

In uni, one of our profs had said that Obesity will be a problem that our generation is tasked to solve, and from a purely dietetics approach I couldn't systematically see how that problem could be solved.  This is the way forward, through better policies, industry and government support, and fostering skills and access to better food,

The goal of GrowHQ resonate so close to my own; which are, to create a culture of food empathy and broader understanding, teaching children about food.

Encouraging awareness & conversations about food and giving people skills to prepare their own food is the core of creating a food-centric culture.  (& also the best way to forge a happy healthy relationship with food to chip away at this obesity problem).  I hope you'll join me in supporting this.

They have a fund-it campaign ( and if you'd like to try your luck at the Golden ticket, click the link!