Guinness + Mumford = Ireland

Yesterday was Arthur Guinness day- a day of musical events started  in 2009 to commemorate the 250 anniversary of the brewery.  It also commemorates the happiest day, ever for my dear in Dublin, Ireland. (that is, until the day I arrive)  So, hurray - he's sharing on the blog today.

Since living in Dublin, I haven't really had a lot of time to go out and see many things.   This has restricted my adventures to two things; finding great food and frequenting 3FE on a weekly basis... if not more.  I love listening to music, but rarely have I taken the opportunity to go see a concert.

It was rumoured that Mumford and Sons *might* be playing a short free gig prior to their ticketed show later that evening. They were in Dublin as part of the Arthur's Day Celebration. I couldn't pass it up.

After a brief personal food poisoning scare (another story altogether), I met a number of classmates and friends waited outside Toner's on Baggot Street after legging it from class. We waited, obviously honouring the marketing genius who made up the Arthur's Day, by drinking pints of Guinness.  The bar filled up pretty quickly, there were people waiting outside while they played!  After the opening act and a bit of a wait, Mumford and Sons made it up to the stage, picked up their instruments and just dropped all their hits, including The Cave, Awake My Soul, and Little Lion Man, and some great new tracks from their latest album, Babel (I Will Wait and Whispers In The Dark).
It was an incredible experience. They played with such fervor and intensity. Their style of music really plays off a rowdy crowd in the middle of Dublin. Not much else to say besides the fact it was probably best experience I've had in Dublin so far. Period.
Thanks to the person who had all the inside information (you know who you are) and all the buddies who were there to enjoy the evening with me. We even topped it off with Pablo Picante Burritos afterwards, haha!
 - From Ireland with love