cafe hunt Vancouver - Innocent Coffee, 1340 W 4th Ave

Every time I have the opportunity to spend some time in Vancouver, I drag S to every caffe in what he must think is hells half acre. During the obligatory trip to Granville island, I have tried to visit Origins Coffee Roasters to see what they're all about.  Alas, they are always closed on weekends, so the best I can do is a photo.  (but if you are looking to TRY their coffee...)

There's a cafe called Innocent Coffee.  It's located in a quaint cottage-styled stand-alone building.  The owners, a brother-sister pair, busied themselves preparing all the drinks and bites.  I snapped a few quick photos on my phone.

I spoke briefly with the owner, she mentioned that she had worked with Origins, which is where her experience and love for coffee originates.

Pastries and bites are prepared by her brother, who was at Wicked cafe previously, building on some definite skills in creating yummy treats.

The interior is minimalist.  The walls are washed white and the upper floor (AKA the Upper Room) is a studio art gallery and they feature different works on a month-to-month basis.   Homey downstairs contrasts the Upper Room, bare walls accented by the conversation pieces; it's more welcoming to thoughts and introspection than socializing, partly due to its openness and simplicity.  There is limited space for comfy chilling on the main level, but it is a great concept! I am loving the artisan feel to this place.


They prepare all espresso drinks on the La marrzocco, brewed coffees are done on a pseudo Pourover bar. I had an espresso macchiato and a lavender shortbread.  The shot wasbold, slightly bitter/astringent.  But, if i remember correctly, S had a better one.  (This always happens!)

Service: Love coffee, Love art.  Hustling and bustling between the two owners, they are busy!

Likelihood to return: I would return to chill.

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5  Coffee 3.5/5

Chillness: 4 chill chairs out of 5, there is a space for each of your moods. great place to enjoy your caffeine


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