Live to LOVE [music], and Love it Passionately

Food has a way of stirring about fabulous emotions in me, it makes me ver-r-ry happy when there is good food.  On other occasions, I've written about how I love that food brings people together.  Tomorrow we are celebrating a family Christmas dinner at the Palliser, which is always exceptional food! I'm very excited.  But tomorrow is not just about the food, it is about the other passion in my life, music!  The feeling I get when I'm at the symphony is so grand and similarly emotional. Roberto Minczuk with the Calgary Philharmonic will be presenting the concert as part of the Masterworks Series Virtuosity! and a very talented and passionate young violinist is coming to town, Yi-Jia Susanne Hou.  As a fellow 'violinist', in my past life, it is so nice to see someone pursue their musical talent and passion.  Not only that, but to make a living of it.  I can't wait to hear her love and evocative emotion through her musical interpretation of Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto.  It is touted as one of the most technical pieces and will certainly showcase Susanne's virtuosic talents.

In preparation for the concert tomorrow, I came across this video.  It seems she has a love and passion for FOOD and MUSIC too.   Check out the video below, this would be the epitome of what life should be about, in my opinion.  So here's to living to love - today's love is music and virtuosity.