PART I: Hawaii Honeymoons, Hunnies & Hot eat-your-face-off-tips!

So recently, a friend of mine Flo messaged me and asked for our food recommendations in Maui, Hawaii.  It was Sean's role to plan the food-part of the Honeymoon - among other things.  Here is the down-low: we stayed in Wailea. PRE Tips - Get a car, you will need to drive

TIP 1: Eat at your resort ($$$ but hell, it's your honeymoon nice luxuries are made for this; so splurge)

Firstly, on your resort stay I would have n to say the first goal is to indulge & rightly so - we did on brunch.  We sampled a few brunches in the area, but resorted back to our own.  I apologize for the terrible photo, and half eaten food - but when you plate it yourself it just isn't the same.  There is a strong underlying japanese influence in Maui, which is reflected in the food offerings.  Our brunch had anything from sticky buns, eggs benedict to dim sum items & japanese miso soup with oshinko pickles on sushi rice!  Did i mention that there is a daily fresh squeezed fruit juice?

One of the mornings, we rode our bikes over to the next hotel to try their brunch.  Greedy, greedy… they had an equally abundant selection, but we just found we didn't feel at home. Hokey, but it was plenty fancy.  We did enjoy the fresh made smoothy of your choice, upon request.  The Fairmont staff were just so accommodating and we felt the quality of selection at the Kea Lani surpassed the next door - Four seasons.  There is so much fresh tropical fruit at the buffets, it was delightful!

collage 1


Tip 2: If your hotel does in-house cookies and made to order ice cream sandwiches - DO IT. So exhilarating you feel like a kid!


Tip 3: Experience Fish Trucks

We rode our bikes in search of the 'secret beach' & the reefs in the protected Ahihi state park to go snorkelling.  As we passed the Big beach, there were several fish trucks offering various types of fish tacos.  I have no objective view on how good these are, I just felt like it put us, generally in the hawaii-mood of spontaneity.  If you feel like fish tacos, you should have fish tacos... because this is YOUR Honeymoon.  I should also mention that I went flying off a speed bump and lost my water bottle on the landing. Glorious.



Tip 4: Whatever you do, Do not miss the PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN cake

At the Pineapple grill, they are known for their award winning Pineapple Upsidedown cake.  It is absolutely divine.  The other food pales in comparison; the almost perfectly-done egg on the Huevos Rancheros & Make your own soft tacos; seriously woman, can I bring attention back to the pineapple cake.  It had a candy crisp top with carmelized sugar and tasted like a sticky toffee pudding pumped up with cooked pineapple.  Ooey, sweet, sticky- goodness.  Let's just say I had a moment with this cake.

collage 3



One of the meals we had at the Fairmont included the Nick's Fishmarket, an independently owned restaurant in the hotel. I was learning here that Hawaii, originally a deserted island, had no indiginous foods until imported. Therefore, eating a 'local cuisine' meant trying foods imported from other cultures. They do cultivate pineapples and papaya but hawaiian cuisine is a true amalgamation of cultures. The flavours of my ponzu pineapple noodle dish were interesting, the savoury and acidic mash-up was tied together with a tangy sweet pineapple. Always end with dessert, I was on a lemon curd kick - so obvious choice, lemon curd tart. Collage 2

Now that you've reached the end of the 'more than helpful' first part, I promise the the second will hit some high traffic go-to's!. ALOHA!