Rainy Yesterday’s Highlight

I had the pleasure of going out with my wonderful cousin, Christina, who was invited to the unveiling of Vin Room’s brand new fall menu.  With the new season, this menu brings a familiar and comfortable feel for me especially with the fusion of asian elements of soy short ribs.  In shock of the drastic change, don’t be too alarmed yet, they have kept four or five popular items on the menu.  I had the same reaction, the first questions was “ NOoo, What about the lobster nachos?!” Maintaining the tapas- style dining, the new menu has Eastern and Asian influences.  The new Executive Chef, Claire Cameron, will lead kitchen team with previous experiences from private catering and studies at Dubrulle Culinary Arts (Vancouver). The Calgarian chef is young and upbeat!  I really enjoyed her pizzazz for new dishes, true love for food, and excitement in experimenting with the different cultural foods.

In future, we’ll have to do a dinner and actual tasting! ( … to come.) Just hearing about Claire's new ideas to come, I look forward to the new outlook she will bring to the city's food offerings.

Sorry, no photos this time around.

Fave Dishes of the Evening

“I thought she said Thai” -Back ribs:  tangy, topped with a sweet and salty pickled soy sauce, and embellished with thin apple strips.  At first glance I thought they were mustard seeds, and upon trying them it was a great blend of flavours!

Lamb Kabobs (in Meatball-form!): meaty and filling, creamy tumeric sauce that resembles Mediterranean or Greek. Bold, but not too bold.

Chicken Yakitori: mellow, soy-ginger sauce marinated, tastes of home-style

Wine selection

Red: Planeta Cerasuolo di Vittoria (blends of nero’d’avola & frappato)

Medium body and bold taste with light spice and fruity berries.

Next time:

Grilled Cheese

Brie, poached pear, foie sauce


Lemongrass, chili, mint, cilantro

High Country Bison Flat Iron Steak

Roasted beets, sautéed greens