Red's Diner on 4th

First, the interior getup is pretty nice. Tidy and new, but has a twist of diner with, again, the always beloved and almost mandatory-to-mention brick wall. There's also a breakfast bar that you can dine and dash in a hurry.

Our server was so friendly and helpful. She was honest when I asked about the different offerings at the diner. For example; the JD ice cream float " quite honestly, it's pretty disgusting; and that's what I have been told by people who order it too"

Finally, the food. It's pretty much the "modern conscious diner" with Highwood Crossing buckwheat pancakes, farm-fresh eggs, and waffles. There is the effort of offering the wholesome and health-conscious options. As well, if you didn't know, these pancakes are sourced locally just outside of Calgary. I could not resist the temptation of the Jack Daniel's ice cream float; two of the three ingredients are things that I don't usually consume (namely vanilla ice cream and pepsi) I was so curious what it would taste like, even after being reminded that it was just 10 in the morning.

The verdict: if you like strong egg nog and pepsi together, this may remind you of a bad christmas morning. Maybe, just maybe, you could try a shot of JD on your next ice cream.  That might actually be better. The food was pretty standard diner, not too greasy. The granola panakes were great for a healthy, but calorie-rich breakfast.

Service: busy, with crowds; but very friendly and fast

Likelihood to return: definitely soon

Food/Coffee: food is yum, coffee is standard

Chillness: 3 chill chairs with friends

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