Sugary drink advocacy, Mexican style

Food Politics » Sugary drink advocacy, Mexican style.

Jeez, they really go hard with a serious message.  Diabetes and Obesity are two non-communicable diseases that are predominantly diet-related. This means we can adapt our diets to change the outcome.

S & I recently went to go pick up a can of coke for the ice cream float I was craving and realised when I got to our local tesco, that I actually had no idea where to find it. Well, I guess that's a good sign.


What would make you happy this Christmas?

That my dad were here with us.

PLAY SPORTS/EXERCISE (posted at the bottom of the screen to mimic Coke ads here)

That my mom could see her grandson.


That my dad could play soccer with me.


Make someone happy this Christmas.

50,000 people in Mexico are blind because of diabetes.

Someone’s limb is amputated every 7 minutes because of diabetes.

In Mexico, 66 people die each day from drinking sugary drinks.

Make someone happy.

Share this video and remove soda from your table.