Dearest Dublin: Week 1

Today is the beginning of Thursday. I mean to work on a few blog posts, mainly ones to mourn my hometown, Calgary (#yyc). I can't believe it has been a week since the journey began! I am still getting acquainted with the idea that this isn't a vacation, rather a long stay... I'm used to going away and returning home. But this IS home for now!

So welcome to Dublin, this is the view from my window. This week has mostly been administrative things, settling in. We took a bus trip out to ikea, picked up a so called 'storage solution' for my clothes and bought a bunch of kitchenware for me to begin baking!

We have checked out a few places, namely Coffeeangel and another local coffee hangout, 3 Floor Espresso (3FE)- both of which have very solid coffee. I think I might just be settling in! :) Today will be the big deal of getting official papers sorted, the boring type of thing you don't need to hear about.

The top left photo is from a walk down Grafton Street, one of the shopping streets frequented by tourists. Keywest is the name of this band, they told their story of busking for a couple years and they've been recently recording with the same producer as Katy Perry! #AWESOME.

Still searching for more Food and Coffee adventures! Send them my way. Also drop me a line and tell me how you're all doing!

STAY TUNED for: HOMETOWN HEROES -  a highlight of hot & influential people in Calgary. So stoked!