New neighbors: Sunterra!

Last week, we welcomed a new place for food enthusiasts and healthy/organic lovers alike.

Sunterra had a Grand Opening to blow onto the Downtown scene!  There were samples of artisan breads, cheeses, baked goods; and best of all, wine.  Although no coffee, I didn't really expect to see coffee make an appearance.

Starting from the first floor, there is the bakery, deli, and a selection of gelato.  So key!

I look forward to what Sunterra will be offering at their "Community Table" which is a fully equipped teaching kitchen for demos and classes.  I like this idea because it's creating sustainability (ie. cooking skills) and capacity building, so you aren't stuck buying processed/prepared food all the time.  This is a start to healthful eating!

For all the people who want to learn to make quick meals, or elaborate gourmet ones, this is for you.  Now you can buy good food, and cook it too!

Now that Sunterra is just around the corner, there's a closer place to pick up everyday goodies; and a hangout where you can eat and enjoy the food we all love. On the top floor, there is a self-serve cafeteria-style, but they have also included the two large tandoori/woks for the curries and asian/thai dishes.    It's a conglomerate of all the Sunterras in town.

The top-two best additions this time around is an upstairs wine bar/patio, and a crepe station!  If that doesn't top it off, I don't know what does. I fell in love with one of the lamps in the lounge. Long ago I saw it in Domicile on 11th- Brought in from the Westcoast, it adds a nice rustic and relaxed-modern feel to the chilling area. Worth checking out!

Highlights: apricot stilton cheese, perfect sweetness with the sharp pungent stilton.  mmm!

UPCOMING: Prairie Regional Barista Comptition this weekend!

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