Charcut not-so-secret, Secret Burgers

I realize that these 'underground' burgers are created for the hype, but I can't help it.... I have been sucked in.

I bought into it, the excitement, the craziness, and oh, don't forget the pain of waiting in the -15 degree weather.  If you haven't heard about it already, I'm talking about the infamous alley burgers.  If you care enough, which, I do... you will followCharcut restaurant on twitter or 'like' them on facebook.  On some Fridays or Saturdays, not all, they release a notice earlier on in the day saying that they will be serving burgers that evening.  So you follow the growl in your tummy and your curiosity to the crowd gathering at the back door in the evening.

This saturday, the burgers were being served at 10pm, so we arrived at 9:30.  A little embarrassed, we approached the alley from the driveway of le Germain thinking we were too keen. Guess what, these keeners were all KEENER than me.  It's ok, I'm enthusiastic and just excited to be part of it.

So around 10 to 10, the line is building up behind us.  The manager comes out and counts the number of people in line to see if there's enough burgers for everyone.  He gets to us, "19, 20, 21..." just as he passes us, "and 25" he says that's all they have. Breathed a sigh of relief.  He comes down the line collecting the $5 cash for each burger and heads back inside.

We get our burgers

Highlights: it is likely the juiciest burger alive.  The bread is fresh and toasty.  It is simple, but delicious - garnished with cheese, I think but nothing else.  It has a light gameyness to it, like breakfast sausage.  The bun is moistened with a garlic aioli or garlic butter.  The only downside is that we aren't sure where to enjoy the delightful burger in comfort.  Oh well, I'm gleaming with joy.

Service: We're outside!?

Likelihood to return: Have to try it, at least once. Worth the wait, but not all the time.

Food/Coffee: burger was delish!

Chillness: as chill as the friends you bring and the weather permits...

I wasn't sure what the burger could be... I don't know why I thought it could have been beef so I went back to the source that brought me here to begin with... Thanks Chracut.

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