to note the NOtaBLE

In-house cured duck prosciutto served with perfectly crisp baguette, arugula, and rhubarb. We could taste the basil in the greens, subtle but somewhat hidden. Salt and fat in the proscuitto was perfectly paired with the tartness of the rhubarb.

Boursin chicken ravioli- was high salt and a bit overwhelming, but buttery and rich to offset the salt.

BEST burger

This has got to be, likely, the best burger I have ever had. I don't know how they manage it, but the burger is served to order; which means you can have it medium. That is certainly unheard of in Canada. Sure, in the states and elsewhere, you may be asked how you would like it done, but the risks of ground beef are no joke! So from a food safe perspective, prett-ty scary.... but then again, it is all about managing risk. We were told that the beef is ground at 'community', have to find out more on the process before I know.

In-house filtrations system is a nice treat, because you can cleanse your palate with either flat or sparkling filtered water. Who doesn't like the added touch of sparkling water with dinner.

Overall price-point is not outlandish. It is great food, prepared to great detail and a casual atmosphere to enjoy company. (Chill chair factor!!) There are a few places to get tasty food in town and this is definitely going to be starting way high on my list.

Highlights: Stilton Cheesecake Brulée with coulee - sorry, no pics. Complex, dynamic... taste it.

Service: Personal and genuine, unpretentious

Likelihood to return: I want to go, RIGHT now. (Next: sitting at the bar, trying the lamb!)

Food/Coffee: both are pretty unparalleled for the city's restaurants 4.5/5 Must try: French press coffee.

Chillness: 4.5 chill chairs - Great bar for a drink. Open kitchen. Ideal meaning of a watercloset (WC)- washrooms are single rooms. Interesting patio surroundings but great energy!

Sidenote: Boy, can these freelancers write! Check out this article on Michael from back in 06. (this is why I know I can't write)

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