long ago, there was a barjam

IMG_1954 So, it's been months since I went to this event but I would like to talk about it briefly because it great fun! I don't know if you've been to a barista jam before, but this was the first one that I finally made it out to; been meaning to go for years.



It was all the greatest things put together! Friends, cool Coffee, and great cause! I love the idea of doing something to bring encouragement for people to support a cause. It's like this; make an event of something you usually would love doing but to make it even better, add LIFE! - talk about value added. (Add Life, as in do it for a cause)- namely, Coffee Kids and The Mustard Seed.


This barjam was purely a pouring contest. We learned a bit about the latte art 'throw-down' and just kinda hung out and enjoyed some good eats.

Throwing down: is when you pour some awesome art.

This evening, saw a lot of the coffee community out from all the different cafes in the area.  Even had some out of towners, like transcend coffee, Edmonton.

Upcoming: Prairies Regional Barista Championsip, August 7, 2010