Christmas Brunches & Goodbyes

Last Sunday, we said 'see ya soon' to our friends Katie & Rio.  It's been a complete blast in Dublin, and there is no other way to send someone off than with a good and memorable meal.  It's surprising how time's flown by! It's funny how we go through life travelling places, living in new cities, and really, finding ourselves a new community.  On a more introspective note, the way people's paths cross is really a pretty awesome thing.  It challenges who we are, who we want to become, and sometimes what we believe.  Each city has a different vibe and I suppose the more places you live, the more you realise that it's just a place and the people you meet will make or break the experience.  (that, and your fantastic attitude) That said, we LOVE LOVE LOVE Dublin.




  Well, life is more than we can plan for, and I wouldn't change it for the world.  Now onto the Christmas brunch at Forest Avenue. (yes, excessive love on here and here i'm sorry)- but can you believe it been only a year!?

There is really nothing more festive than having mulled wine & a bit of mince pie.  So if you were one of the lucky ones to book in for a Christmas brunch, you are luckier than you know.

Mince pie - you never imagined a mince pie so delightful.  It's a touch of Christmas with a lot of sparkle in your mouth.

DSC01123Yoghurt, House made granola, apple, blackberry & spiced bread Fried egg sandwich, cod goujon (not pictured), avocado & romesco sauce


And for those who subscribe to veggie diets, there is love for all of you.  Melty gnocchi, is an always-fave.



White Friar Grill Brunchsies

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[SHORT, Quick Lovin' ]

Service: quick, swift & accommodating - Real!

Likelihood to return: 3.8/5

Food/Coffee: Food 3.8/5

Chillness: 4.5 chill chairs! sick music playlists, smashing vibe, live dj, what else?!

Highlights:  baby back ribs, BABY!

Next-up: ANTI_FEAR POTION blood orange, carrot, pineapple, lemon, and beetroot juice on rocks.- yes

Pros: Room for reservations & walk-ins and they try to accommodate both, so always rock up!


After the ball, we woke up to a fridge full of 'no-breakfast'. I had a mad craving for French toast, so I suggested brunch. S has been suggesting White Friar Grill for the longest time now, so we lazily strolled over. Happy to have another neighbourly food hangout!

I have a terrible time with decisions. I was stuck between my craving for sugar and wanting the Huevos rancheros, not to mention the pulled pork eggs benedict, gambas eggs benedict and belgian waffles. Now, belgian waffles are not exactly french toast, soft, fluffy and eggy with syrup. But you had me at “caramelised bananas”.

The solution to all dilemmas of desire, food desire that is - you should have both, right Katie? ALL or Nothing. I ordered the pulled pork eggs Benedict (which is sometimes duck, I’m told) , S got the baby back ribs with eggs and chips and I was tempted to order the waffles to finish. It turned out that there was no pulled pork so the decision was made - I was having Gambas & Eggs Benny and finishing with Nutella and caramelised banana waffles with Chantilly cream.

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S was feeling like some juice so the ‘Pick me up juice' menu is as follows: [Everything But the Kitchen Sink] beetroot, apple, carrot, and ginger. Loving the selection of drinks & juices to tickle any fancy; sober or still paying

We thought brunch was great! the Ribs were better than some of the BBQs in town and my gamabas were a filling, but lighter alternative to the usual meat on meat on meat on eggs. Bed of baby spinach, avocado salsa, poached egg and citrus hollandaise was a zingy spin. Great fresh combination to complement the shrimp, but slight bit surprising when you taste the acidity of the hollandaise.


Apologies for the quickie photos, too tired to carry the baby (camera).

16 Aungier St, Dublin 2 Tel: 01 4759003 Website:

Red's Diner on 4th

First, the interior getup is pretty nice. Tidy and new, but has a twist of diner with, again, the always beloved and almost mandatory-to-mention brick wall. There's also a breakfast bar that you can dine and dash in a hurry.

Our server was so friendly and helpful. She was honest when I asked about the different offerings at the diner. For example; the JD ice cream float " quite honestly, it's pretty disgusting; and that's what I have been told by people who order it too"

Finally, the food. It's pretty much the "modern conscious diner" with Highwood Crossing buckwheat pancakes, farm-fresh eggs, and waffles. There is the effort of offering the wholesome and health-conscious options. As well, if you didn't know, these pancakes are sourced locally just outside of Calgary. I could not resist the temptation of the Jack Daniel's ice cream float; two of the three ingredients are things that I don't usually consume (namely vanilla ice cream and pepsi) I was so curious what it would taste like, even after being reminded that it was just 10 in the morning.

The verdict: if you like strong egg nog and pepsi together, this may remind you of a bad christmas morning. Maybe, just maybe, you could try a shot of JD on your next ice cream.  That might actually be better. The food was pretty standard diner, not too greasy. The granola panakes were great for a healthy, but calorie-rich breakfast.

Service: busy, with crowds; but very friendly and fast

Likelihood to return: definitely soon

Food/Coffee: food is yum, coffee is standard

Chillness: 3 chill chairs with friends

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