Things learned in china


Haven't posted in what seems like forever. Mostly laziness and some of it has to do with the fact that I've been away in Asia. There's so much to eat here, but you really can't be picky and selective with what to try. Be adventurous.

Tid bits because china blocked my facebook access:




1. They don't give napkins unless you're paying well... And when they do, they are in wet packets

2. When given menus they only ever give one, no matter how large the group. Share or decide quickly.

3. Gratuities for service are not required ... It shows usually.

4. If you live on facebook, you may soon die. I havent figured out the way online yet as I apost this.

5. They still smoke in bars. Old men especially.

6. Pay and your private tour guide will be awesome and knowledgeable they often come with a chauffeur lol

7. Life at the Peace hotel is posh. I want to live here ... Forever. Lol

8. Shanghai has diverse architecture and everyone here talks about how modern a city it is. There is every kind of cuisine and it boasts a selection of Michelin rated restaurants!

9. I need to be more positive.

10. I'm proud to be Canadian and home will be a relief from the busyness.

In other news... I kicked a car today, he turned into my pedestrian walk when I was walking on a green light walking man! Moment of major shame, but then rage that he almost maybe didn't run me over. I haven't been waiting to do that. *sarcasm*