Neighborhood Grocer changes the law? - Le Marché St. George

This letter to the city to discuss the development of adaptive and evolving policies in Vancouver. The issue: a neighbourhood food hub and community member who sells packaged and prepared food, has been asked to comply with zoning bylaws that do not allow a neighbourhood grocery store to serve food. An overwhelming response from the community has framed the discussion - what do you think? 

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L'abattoire and Langlang

Sometimes, it takes very little to make me exceptionally happy. Life right now is filled with things that make me happy. A couple weeks ago in Vancouver, I was blessed to enjoy wonderful live symphonic music and the virtuosic talent of Lang lang, the internationally renowned pianist. I couldn’t ask for more; some wicked people to enjoy live music with, beautiful music to massage my ears, and tantalizing deliciousness for my tummy! The wicked people I mentioned, some very accommodating friends, allow me to drag them to all the restaurants I want to try.  So I heard about this restaurant, called L’abattoire in Gastown. When some of the best palates I know, people like melodie and j @palettetraining, tell you 'you have to try it', you set your mind to making it down to L’abattoire.

Let me start of by saying the place is bustling! It is challenging to get a reservation here so, call in advance or you’ll sit at the bar, which is more than fine. The cocktails are artfully crafted and delicious!

AT the BAR

After much deliberation and embarrassment, I ordered a Hanky Panky – Gin, sweet vermouth, Fernet Branca, Orange twist. (*doesn’t help that I’m out with one of my fiancé’s best friends) Just perfectly executed! The drink, I mean. It was just the right strength for my liking and the herbaceous citrus was a refreshing balance to the hardness of vermouth. “It’s going to be a wonderful meal”, I think to myself - I can tell!


We decided to order double starters, instead of mains - always a great way to go if you like variety. That said, it is very challenging to eat out if you are vegetarian like our friend that night. No, really. No joke, not even pescetarian. You really have one choice. So here are our choices.

Dungeness crab and chickpea toast - 13

Toasted brioche, light garlic custard, carrot pickles

almost like a foam, the airy texture seemed to float on your tastebuds and carry all the tastiness – removes all need to aerate! I would eat this everyday.

Marinated North Arm Farm beetroot - 12

Tallegio custard, pears, pumpkin seeds

- apparently Tallegio is an Italian soft ripened cheese that is pungent and tasty
  • the whipped texture of custard tied this whole dish together

Poached Six Masters Farm egg and black truffle - 18

Potato gnocchi, leeks, pecorino

  • gnocchi is done to gooey perfection and so is the poched egg as it runs

  • you know the dishes that make you stop mid-sentence and close your eyes to enjoy this bite in all social awkwardness? This is it.

beatiful ENDINGS

After a spectacular dinner, we ran 15 blocks to the Orpheum, caught a cab for 3 of those blocks, and enjoyed the technical orchestration of Beethoven’s Emperor concerto – The end. Talk about slowing life down right?

Service: laid back, professional and genuine. Bartenders had great recommendations and some slick moves on the cocktails.

Likelihood to return: very certain!

Food/Coffee: food is pretty mind-blowing

Chillness: 4.5 chill chairs


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cafe hunt Vancouver - Innocent Coffee, 1340 W 4th Ave

Every time I have the opportunity to spend some time in Vancouver, I drag S to every caffe in what he must think is hells half acre. During the obligatory trip to Granville island, I have tried to visit Origins Coffee Roasters to see what they're all about.  Alas, they are always closed on weekends, so the best I can do is a photo.  (but if you are looking to TRY their coffee...)

There's a cafe called Innocent Coffee.  It's located in a quaint cottage-styled stand-alone building.  The owners, a brother-sister pair, busied themselves preparing all the drinks and bites.  I snapped a few quick photos on my phone.

I spoke briefly with the owner, she mentioned that she had worked with Origins, which is where her experience and love for coffee originates.

Pastries and bites are prepared by her brother, who was at Wicked cafe previously, building on some definite skills in creating yummy treats.

The interior is minimalist.  The walls are washed white and the upper floor (AKA the Upper Room) is a studio art gallery and they feature different works on a month-to-month basis.   Homey downstairs contrasts the Upper Room, bare walls accented by the conversation pieces; it's more welcoming to thoughts and introspection than socializing, partly due to its openness and simplicity.  There is limited space for comfy chilling on the main level, but it is a great concept! I am loving the artisan feel to this place.


They prepare all espresso drinks on the La marrzocco, brewed coffees are done on a pseudo Pourover bar. I had an espresso macchiato and a lavender shortbread.  The shot wasbold, slightly bitter/astringent.  But, if i remember correctly, S had a better one.  (This always happens!)

Service: Love coffee, Love art.  Hustling and bustling between the two owners, they are busy!

Likelihood to return: I would return to chill.

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5  Coffee 3.5/5

Chillness: 4 chill chairs out of 5, there is a space for each of your moods. great place to enjoy your caffeine


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