Tapas de Lola, find Spain in Dublin!

We recently returned to Dublin from Spain with a belly-full of tapas & a hunger for more delightfully finger-licking Spanish food! Just to give you an idea, in 5 short weeks since our return we have made three batches no, four batches of seafood & chicken paella and gazpacho with mild success; consumed at least 6 bottles of Spanish wine; and converted to anchovies & tomatoes on toast for breaky. Why I tell you this, is to say our hunger for Spanish food is primed - we NEED it in Dublin. There has been a lot of buzz about this new tapas place down the road on Wexford Street. I had heard it was very tricky to get a booking and it doesn’t help that it was reviewed with high regard in June, by both Irish times & the Independent. After three tries, we finally got a booking.

Upon arrival, the bustling tapas restaurant is fully occupied indoor & outdoor. We find our way to the small table in the middle of the restaurant amidst the loud cheery Friday chatter. It feels like a Spain, alright, definitely has the mood. The friendly staff welcome us and explain the specials and off we go. They have various spanish beers but also a great selection of sparkling, white, and red wines – most of which are from the spain (Galicia, Ribera del Duero, or Rioja). They also have Estrella damm and the special Estrella beer developed with Ferran Adria. So, as we do, or we had to… we started with what we called the ‘adria beer’.


Seen in the following set: Amuse bouche of fried fish! pulpo & potato, and spanish tortilla!


This set: Chorizo & blood sausage in wine, Riñones al Jerez (leave that a mystery for the adventurous), Seafood Paella.


In review, we had some of the dishes reminiscent of our trip. Pulpo & potato with paprika, was perfectly tender, however somewhat cold so they gladly brought a warmer plate back. The seafood paella was definitely a winner! Perfect consistency and lovely flavours. There is still lots to experience here, but they treat you right. As you sit down you're treated to a drink to start and your amuse bouche!

Owner, Anna is originally from Barcelona and has spent nearly 12 years here in Ireland. She is very hospitable and down to get right into the action of the restaurant, greeting guests with love from Spain. Like we said…. It’s about time. The only thing missing here is a display fridge where you point at anything that you fancy.

Service: warm & very helpful in menu selections

Likelihood to return: we must be regulars, it's so close! get us a table :)

Food/Coffee: Food 4/5, Coffee is available but didn't try.

Chillness: 4.8 chill chairs!

Highlights: Tender pulpo, clean beer, and tasty paella - next time: Churros please

COMING UP: I am super excited to start sharing some HOME meals with you ;) This week I'll be putting up the recipe for the Caramel Potato & Prunes! Wooh, if that's not exciting... then we may as well have boxed macaroni!