Thomas Keller's Perfect Poached Egg In the Magazine:

Thomas Keller's Perfect Poached Egg via Bon Appetit

Yes, ok I know this is cheating - but I couldn't resist after staring intently and drooling over this animated gif of the poached egg.  I love how the oozing egg yolk fills the plate and they use the bread to soak all the goodness up!

Poached eggs, so simple, yet difficult to perfect.  Nutritious and delicious on just about anything, except for, maybe deep fried banana, no wait.... still good. I would actually like to try it on a poutine - that would be BRiLLiAnT! - and if you don't think so, I implore you to explain your reasoning.

See the link for Thomas Keller's tip to perfecting this perfect protein.  Tell me this doesn't make you want an egg.