Upstairs KK Cocktails meets Slow Food Dublin


[SHORT, Quick Lovin' ]

Service: fun, personal, not fussy 

Likelihood to return: 5/5 already been back since

Food/Coffee: no idea, didn't eat, but it's Pakistani food delish!

Chillness: 4.5 chill chairs! laid back, intimate, secret

Highlights: Personalised drinks - to your taste; mine: strong not sweet.

As I look back at this post I wrote after a night of cocktails, I see that writing while tired and slightly woozy means rambling and excessive repetition.  For example, (just for impact, of course) I like wrote that I loved drinking on a Monday about three times.[REPETITION NOTE]   and so, as if there were anything better to do on a Monday ….I met up with the slow food Dublin crew for some cocktail drinking and making.  I recently joined Slow Food Dublin as a young member (anyone under 35); it provides a community that encourages the enjoyment and appreciation shorter food supply chains, and highlights the authenticity of real food. There isn't much to be said except that I met fantastic people, all either working in food or food enthusiasts.  See in the photos, Marta from Cook it Love it Eat it and Caryna from Caryna's Cakes, the slow food group, that is  Sharon and Bill, and  Allan, the bar man that just joined the KK team.  I will, maybe, forgive you Allan for the 'kind' words from tonight ;)- calling me a lightweight! UpKK1

Paul's Blind Pig cocktail class is quite the way to build a group.  We started a shy group of people that didn't know each other, and after the first round of Tom Collins warmed up to joke about 'spanking' our cocktail glasses.  We had a casual monday night of drinking and I loved it. i won't lie, I loved it. [RE: REPETITION NOTE]

Reasons why I enjoyed the Slow food event: 1- met great people 2- they were interested in food 3- i love cocktails

UpKK2 I could talk about food and drink for hours, so obviously it would make good sense to go to this cocktail with Slow Food Dublin.  I have recently taken an interest in small community of local food, but even further than food; sustinability, community, and authenticity of food. Give me a chance to mix a cocktail and have some gainful experience at making it and I will take it on.  Paul was knowledgable and full of experience.  Aside from drawing from the cocktail history vault, we were able to get some hands on experience making three drinks, the ? with a ratio of 2/1/1, the corn and oil and finally the Old Fashioned with Paul's own house-made maraschino cherries.  I am now a lover of the Corn & Oil, just saying, I'm really glad there's yet another place to find classic cocktails with a personal experience and serious bartenders taking it to the next level.

UpKK-3[key ingredient to Corn n' Oil]

UpKK-5[ended with Sazerac]