Village Ice Cream - Going on an Ice Cream Hunt

The intoxicating smell of sweet fresh waffle cones has been lost in this city since Phil's Ice cream shop back on Northland drive & 52nd ave. As I walk into Village Ice cream, this aroma brings me right back to my first childhood memory of hot waffle cones.

Nestled away at the end of 10 Ave SE, near the East village development and 'warehouse' district, you'll find Village Ice Cream. (@villageicecream)

Someone told me 'Billy is the nicest ice cream guy you'll ever meet" - Proven True and this is why. After my visit to Village, I can say he is positively the most enthusiastic and genuine guy. He took the time to tell his story of leaving a draining day-to-day job and transitioning to a venture pursuing his passion for ice cream. He was persistent, as he invested both time and money at the Leduc Food Processing Development Centre with a team of food scientists developing a personalized ice cream base. Now, most of us haven't worked in product development before. But on a timeline, it is stressful, tiring, and involves much trial and error.

Billy had a vision and the motivation to carry it out. He wanted to increase the milk fat to boost the creamy mouthfeel and flavour of the ice cream. Usually, industrial ice cream has not less than 10% Milk fat (ranging from 10-18%). This one? Is no mainstream ice cream - I best not divulge how much fat is in it, let's just say that no one person eats ice cream to be healthy so don't worry about it.

Some limitations when using high milk fat content include: high cost, high calories, and limited consumption due to its richness.(

FYI:Milk Fat is the most valuable part of milk production.

Back to Village; I stayed for the production of their, then new flavour, lemon sorbet. The excitement and anticipation was felt by all of us. This is how I know they love what they do. Billy and the team churned out the batch and hand packed each pint! Time to put my tasting palate to the test. The lemon was tart, clean and refreshing, smooth, and not rindy in the least. You could taste the fresh pops of lemon zest.

Village Ice cream has a collection of year-round flavours: Salted Caramel, Toasted Coconut, Guide's Mint, Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Phil & Sebastian Coffee, and Cardamom. They also introduce new seasonal flavours: Huckleberry, Lemon Sorbet, London Fog and other things that tickle their fancy. They are collaborating with and selling to several local suppliers and restaurants. The most exciting part about this story is the amount of care and detail that goes into developing each flavour, and sourcing each ingredient. I am trying to write leSS words, and elicit more emotion for the food with decent picures- alas, I have talked your ear off. Let's look at some pictures, and call it a day.

Please be motivated to ask any questions regarding food, palate, taste, etc. I want to hear more about what you would want to know about.

P.S. Check out Billy's Tricycle for CREAMCYCLE!

Service: friendly, feel free to ask for a sample of their newest flavour

Likelihood to return: twice in a day, enough?

Food/Coffee: coffee flavour- has full mouth feel, flavourful coffee, extracted with cold brewed coffee, ladies and gents that's over 12 hours of patience right there.

Chillness: 4 chill chairs, it'd be nice with a bit more chill space

Fave Flavour: tough choice between P&S Coffee, a salty caramel, and lemon

Hints: limit yourself to one scoop to prevent regret - don't forget village during your LATE NIGHT ice cream run!


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