Wedding Hiatus Addressed - show some LOVE!

So we have been on a little hiatus for a while; because weddings, my dear, are a lot A LOT of planning! I am so glad that we were able to share the day with so many of our closest family and friends. The emotion of that day is truly overwhelming. We are reminded of our blessings – the love, sacrifice, servitude, and joy that our friends and family poured out to make that day unforgettable. Just to give you an idea of how crazy lucky we are; my friends cut down a 6' tree so they could make tree cookies and cart them all the way to Vancouver, they also lugged down a whole load of coffee equipment & musical instruments, they gathered musicians not to mention – some of them even put out mini-fires, figuratively. I am in awe.

Now, I say ‘live to love’ and you have to love to eat if you're going to read this blog! One of the things I love is photography, but honestly our photographers must just blow this love out of the water. The amount of emotion packed into some of their photos is to the brim. They are amazing, gripping, and they take my breath away.

The story the photos tell when strung together is in the intricacies of each moment of that day and can’t be captured just by a by-stander, but one who understands and anticipates the emotion before it even happens. (Or works like a ninja to capture it) DQ, Your ability to work so fast to compose the photos, to catch the split-second glimpses or gleen in one’s eye is unparalleled. I am so touched. There are no missed moments, you’ve captured them all!

When I see these pictures they bring me back to that day; the overwhelming love that I felt. I feel it will make the memories tangible forever- that I won’t forget even a moment of that day. I want to juice the emotion of each and every one of those photos and live each day remembering that life is about these moments. Recreate them.

Sounds Dramatic, I know. But that's the truth.