Coffee Friends - no. 4 Phil Robertson

Welcome this is the 4th instalment of Coffee Friends, whew one month, that was quick! You THINK you know who we're talking to today, but do you really? 



This week we have a special guest, because this past weekend was a gathering of coffee influencers, partakers, consumers, makers, and roasters.  There were a lot of people in Vancouver this weekend for the Canadian Coffee & Tea show and I am delighted to have the chance to work with fantastic leaders in the industry who perpetuate the improvements in coffee understanding & enjoyment for everyone!  I showed up at judges calibration and the head judges were past national barista competitors or winners!  These winners were discussing one of the new books on water composition, and other interesting geeky things that maximise the taste experience of your coffee! 


I have been trying to improve my empathetic statements, aiding in making people feel heard during a conversation.  Now think of all the things you associate with being heard and understood - well take that image, and turn it on its head…. well that’s what I did to Phil.  oops! we can be better at this, but enjoy laughing at how bad it is!!! I know i did.  (some of the worst bits are edited out for my own dignity) …. so let’s be friends. After the first 25 seconds the sound gets immeasurably better.  


Highlights this week: growing community from the Prairies and further,  improving competition and industry from within coffee companies. 


Thank you Andrew for recording this for me earlier this week.