Coffee friends - no. 10 Vanessa Stachiw

So excited to have our first lady cafe owner :) - we made a sad mistake of not highlighting Jen Farnell at Eight Ounce Coffee as our first 'female' on coffee friends last week, daresay that was Rob Kettner's fault, though - SORRY JEN! 

This week,

Who: Vanessa Stachiw from Little Sister

Where: Winnipeg, MB 

Highlights: We are moving further east across Canada, chatting with Vanessa, a mover and shaker in Winnipeg.  They are about to open their first specialty coffee roaster in the city in collaboration with Dogwood Coffee, Minnesota - exciting times!  Tight-knit community and the small town feel can't be beat, it is a slightly different feel than Vancouver I'd say.  

We talked pros to bringing in a coffee from outside the region. Don't miss last week's entertaining Rob Kettner and the LOLs