Coffee Friends - no. 2 Chris Gianakkos


Coffee friends is a 5-min (or so) live-stream video conversations of people surrounding coffee. (owners, baristas, community, customers, drinkers  anyone really) The point is to chat casually about community and what builds it -- just have fun.  

THIS WEEK's HIGHLIGHT:  coffee & dodgeball? 

CONTEST:  comment below and tell me who is the next coffee friend, and tweet this post including #coffeefriends.  We will get you into an exclusive talk this week! - ends Thursday  

Last week, Jeremy nominated Chris Giannakos; and lucky for me Chris is just back from Montreal and was kind enough to talk to me.  Sorry I lied about 5-min today, we went overtime, but I'm having lots of fun meeting people and hearing ideas. 

Periscope is a learning curve. Spontaneity is unpredictable. BUT new coffee friends are fantastic! There is lots to learn and improve as we go, but thanks for all who are tuning in or talking about how horrible/interesting/great/silly/fun this is.  

I tweet out #coffeefriends Fridays before we stream live and the video will be posted soon after.  Can you stream-live & give us lots of comments and hearts during the stream.  

The goal is to have super-fun and let conversation grow organically, so if you have a friend who likes coffee, drinks coffee, or is not allergic to it tell them about coffee friends.  

Lessons learned:

i.) Last week's vid had the most Canadian touches but average watch was 1:38, which means you all tuned-out right when we started to talk about community. (either means you hate friends, or it was too long and you were bored.) The Irish views watched all of it! - The MORE you know.  

ii.) before closing periscope, let it upload the whole video so as not to lose your video  

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