SUNDAY at Archive


So it has been one full-day since we had bitchin brews on the beach, or it’s been a few days.  We are keen to kick back into our schedule of First SUNDAY-of-the–month–Coffee Potlucks. 

If you’re wondering why we do coffee potluck, or who we are and what we’re trying to do I recently put together a one-pager to say “HEY world, this is what we do”. 


SUNDAY at ARCHIVE by Revolver

This Sunday, the 7th of August will be an exciting exploration of coffees on the long table at Archive.  We’ve cupped and we’ve tasted, Espro brewed for us in May and now we can taste the rainbow on the Hario V60! 

Bring some coffee beans to share or a food donation for the food bank.  Kris Wu will guide us through this exclusive tasting of elusive coffees and chat with some of the knowledgable GOP (group of professionals).  We are headed to Alibi Room for a bit of beer after the tasting.  


Who | You, and a friend

What | Long-table-tasting — i mean, I said long table.  So you’ll be there right?

Where | Archive at Revolver 

When | Sunday, the 7the of August at 3:00 pm

RSVP at the Facebook Site


Massive shout outs to Revolver for the support & space